Writing Monsters: A Review

Writing Monsters

“Where then is the evil? The evil, Khitain told himself, is everywhere, a pervasive thing that slips and slides between the atoms of the air we breathe. It is a universal corruption in which we all participate.” ~Robert Silverberg

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About the book

With a foreword by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society and numerous excerpts from some the greatest names in horror, Philip Athans’s Writing Monsters explores the existing realms of monsters before addressing how writers can create new ones.

Athan defines what monsters are (and what they are not), and he also discusses the purposes they serve within the plot as well as within society.

He uses a combination of interesting discussions alongside super-useful graphic organizers (which can be printed from Writer’s Digest if you purchase the book).

Spotted with humorous commentary and groan-worthy puns, Athans’s writing is both conversational and accessible.

My final thoughts

I appreciate that he regards his selected definitions as the “starting point on which we can build,” rather than a finite list.

I found his section comparing and contrasting monsters against villains particularly intriguing. Coupling that with the usefulness of his graphic organizers, and I am darn glad I bought the book!

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