Writing a Novel in 10 Weeks: End Weeks 4 and 5

Due to a family emergency last week, I failed to post the update (and keep up with my writing goal).

I’d like to take this time to urge everyone to familiarize themselves with the symptoms of heart attacks. We were unbelievable lucky last week. The symptoms were caught and recognized in such time that the ambulance had already arrived when the heart attack occurred, greatly limiting any damage to the heart. However, we have also been forced to realize that the symptoms had been ongoing for a few weeks- and that it so easily could have been much, much worse.

There are many resources available to us. Consider the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute or the American Heart Association to start.

Blessings counted, this week came time for me to resume my trek to writing a novel in 10 weeks. As of my latest check point, I am showing a week behind at 16,211 words instead of 20k. While my gracious boss (yes, that would be myself in this instance) is willing to forgive me for hitting 40k in 11 weeks rather than 10 in light of the emergency, I am determined to complete this project by deadline. That means I have two options- write 8k words in the next week, setting me back on schedule immediately, or to write an extra 760 words each week until completion.

I suppose we’ll see how this next week goes. I’m shooting for 8k this week!

As far as the plotline goes- I became quite frustrated with it recently. I was floundering and felt that I was making incredibly limited progress in developing the plot. I worried I would have to scrap the whole project and begin anew.

Ernest Hemingway came to my rescue at about this point and eloquently reminded me that “The first draft of anything is shit.”

Thanks, Hemingway!

Spurred on by these words of encouragement, I did go back to the drawing board. Instead of beginning anew, though, I found ways to tweak and adjust the existing plot to improve the storyline. There’s a lot I need to go back and update during the designated revision month of March (I’m keeping a running log of it in an additional document that I keep open alongside my work in progress for this purpose), but the new notes have helped provide the direction I needed to sustain the story.

This done, it’s back to my novel for me! Time to get back on track!

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