Writing a Novel in 10 Weeks: End Week 6

Talk about a rough week. This week, I want to quit everything. Everything!

My husband can stay. And my dog.

I have this meme that I printed and laminated (Yes, I bought a laminator so I can post memes on my actual wall).

Anyhow, this meme is based off a scene from Tangled. You know the scene where she leaves the tower for the first time? And she alternates between manic highs and extreme lows? But instead of her escaping that tower, it is relating her reactions to being a writer, with her (the author) alternating between declaring the story “The best story EVER” to determining her story is garbage and she is going to quit to intermittent sobbing. I’m firmly residing in the

Okay, (mostly) joking frustrations aside, I have made good progress this week with my novel. I am hovering around 21,000 words. That’s not as high as I really wanted to be at this point (I was hoping for 24k this week), but I did hit the super-exciting mid-way point of my 40k goal. I’ve also been continuing that secondary document with refinements that I need to implement once the plot is finished.

I decided this week that I would print out and keep every rejection letter in a bin near my desk. After reading about the saved rejection letters so many successful authors kept, I am creating my own pile of failures to serve as a reminder that I am actually making progress in some way (even if it doesn’t always feel like it). Rejections are badges of honor!

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