Writing a Novel in 10 Weeks: End Week 3

It’s 9:37 pm Thursday night, and that means it’s word count time! I have come crashing in at…. (drum roll, please) 12,006 words! Cue the happy dance (and cancel the self-flogging I planned last week)! I have officially met the three-week goal, despite starting almost a thousand words behind schedule after the Christmastime madness last week.

Story progress? I am now roughly a quarter of the way through the plotline, and my main character, Leann, has had to make some risky decision in hopes chance plays in her favor. At one point this week, writer’s block bit me hard. To counter it, I took a little break and sketched out a rough map of all the traveling Leann has done thus far. Not only did it give me a bit of much-needed break (my thumb was literally twitching all day Tuesday thanks to all of this typing), it helped me solidify the overall lay of the land. I was able to better picture where my characters were and what they might be seeing based off of their perspectives. All in all, I am so excited to continue exploring this world with her!
Now, to bed with me. Good night!

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