My 5 Favorite Writers’ Social Media Groups

Writer's social media groups

Writing is so often regarded as a solitary act that we miss out on the benefit of belonging to a writing community. When we publish, our writing joins a much larger conversation of fiction; to really be successful in that, engaging with the writing community is a must.

I love being in writing groups that meet on a set schedule—I even used to host one. However, writers’ social media groups offer a huge toolset for writers without the restrictions of meeting times or locations that may not be convenient to when you require a sounding board.

The five Facebook writing groups I frequent (either contributing to a discussion or as a lurker) are:

Writers’ Group

This group encourages authors to share excerpts for writing critiques, and the group possesses over 40k members. They readily respond to posts requesting advice about topics ranging from word usage to publication to visual layouts for book covers.

BooksGoSocial Author’s Group

The author’s group was the first of the BooksGoSocial groups that I joined. While this specific page (home to over 16k members) offers a place for advice and camaraderie, BooksGoSocial has additional pages for gaining reviews, interacting with and self-promoting to readers, as well as paid promotion services.

Coffee House Writers Group

At just over 800 members, CHWG’s Facebook group is a small—but growing—writing group, and they also have groups expanding into Meetup for critique groups and screenwriting groups. Between six face-to-face group opportunities plus the Facebook group, they serve over 4k members. Plus, they offer a Podcast, have published an anthology, and have even offered a writing contest scholarship to a local high school!

The founder of the is very active in the Facebook page (as are the rest of the members, for that matter), and if you are in the Long Beach, CA area, you can meet up with the fabulous members in person. Sadly, I am not in the area, and must therefore content myself with contributing to their online discussions.

Writers Unite!

Writers Unite! is a group dedicated to aspiring writers. The founder, another aspiring writer, created the group to offer support and motivation as we struggle along toward publication. With 32k members, you are sure to find plenty of support here! Although they did not create the group for promotion purposes, the admins graciously created a dedicated post where authors can share links to their work.

Fiction Writing

This group offers a number of special threads for promoting your published works, social media, and poetry to their 19k members. They also encourage sharing work for critiques and reviews and offer options to post pieces with fewer than 500 words or to upload longer works to their files.

Have suggestions for other writers’ social media groups? Share them with me at Contact Curious Words.

6 Replies to “My 5 Favorite Writers’ Social Media Groups”

  1. Yes! Thank you for this resource. Since I left my MFA program, it has been hard to write and not have that accountability built-in. I will definitely check out all of these links! (: (:

    1. You are very welcome, and I agree~ joining writing communities has revolutionized my writing skills. It’s such an important part of being a writer, but is so easily missed!

  2. You might have just changed my life. No pressure when I use the word “might” (I’m sorry, thinking & still continuing to write, out loud again.)
    Extremely long story somewhat short:
    Bad week. Bad month. Bad… last ten years. Not quite sure how I feel about Karma, Religion, “Loving Myself” or Oprah’s Book Club decisions but I undoubtedly believe in Synchronocity (Karl Marx) and your blog just gave me goosebumps. I have always been a writer. Not a great writer. Not a horrific writer. But a writer.
    I have always been a communicator. I have always loved constructive criticism and I have always longed for a sisterly tribe with a good book & writing circle vibe. But check this out (drum roll please)…
    I just so happen to live in Long Beach, California!
    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    1. I’m so glad I could help! And I’m sorry you’ve had a rough go of it lately. 🙁 I know how hard life can hit us sometimes. I hope the writing groups offer you the writing support and camaraderie you deserve!

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