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Welcome back to Curious Words!

This week, I decided to open up my tech vault for story planning and plot lining tools. When I cracked that vault’s lid open, a few moths flew out and Evernote huddled in the corner all alone.

I guess I’ve been a touch low-tech in my practices. No more!

The next app I decided to try is SimpleMind Free’s mind mapping tool.

When you first open the app, it immediately prompts you to create your first mind map. SimpleMind does a nice job keeping the process streamlined and easy to maneuver. They also provide several template options for your map so you can cater it to your own style. I prefer the free form layout that is color coded so I can group related thoughts in clusters.

SimpleMind Free style options

You can find the different style options by clicking on the paint palette along the top.

SimpleMind Free options

To change the layout to free form or horizontal, click on the ellipses at the top left of your thought bubble, then on the layout icon.SimpleMind Free how to

SimpleMind Free layout optionAs I continued expanding my map, there were times that I wanted to include notes to expand more fully on my thoughts without cluttering up the map itself with it. Click on the T at the top right of the selected idea bubble, and SimpleMind will bring you to a page where you can add a note.

SimpleMind Free note optionAlso in the icons that hover around a selected bubble is a plus sign that lets you create new topics.

SimpleMind Free add topic option

My final word on the app? SimpleMind makes it super quick and easy to navigate your mind map and makes organized writing a breeze. Definitely an app I’ll be returning to regularly.

SimpleMind Free

I have pulled together a nice long list of apps to try out over the next several weeks, so stay sharp if you are looking for new techy tools to further your writing practices. Also keep an eye out for a sister blog to this one about SimpleMind’s upgraded app. I can’t wait to try SimpleMind Pro for their advanced features!


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