How to Make a Stylus Quill

Stylus Quill
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To aid with my brainstorming, I recently purchased a tablet so I could store my notes digitally. I always brainstorm better when I’m writing instead of typing, so naturally, a stylus was a necessity. Over the holiday, my dad made a (brilliant) passing comment about how I need a quill stylus to really delve into my work.  

Sadly, most stylus quills run in the $50 range, so I decided I would have to make one myself. The supplies to make three quills cost me less than $20. I found a redtail hawk feather several months ago that I decided to keep, so I used that plus two feathers I bought at Joann’s. Adding in a bit of copper tube, some decorative beads, a stylus tip, and some glue, I put together three passable stylus quills.

Here’s what you need:
A feather (a good-sized one)
Copper tubing (Length varies based on preference- mine are about 4 inches long)
Tube cutter (if you need to trim the tube down)
Decorative pieces (I used glass beads)
Stylus tips (I used these ones)
Hot glue gun / super glue


1. Prepare the feather- My feather had a few downy strands that I didn’t care for, so I trimmed them off. The store-bought feathers also had wire that was floral taped to the feather shaft that I removed.
2. Because I wanted to make a few of these, I bought a long length of copper tubing and cut it down to length myself. I popped the feather in one end and then held the tube where I felt it would be most natural to write with. I marked it and then used the tube cutter to free that length from the whole. My tube length ended up being about 4 inches, but you may want a longer shaft. Play around with the length to find one that suits you.
3. Position the bead and then the section of tubing. Once they are in the desired location, use the hot glue gun to (carefully!) secure them in place.


4. With everything in place, I added a dab of glue to the end of the tubing to add the stylus tip. I wanted to use hot glue here to make it easy to replace the tip if needed, but the hot glue wouldn’t stick very well to the copper. I ended up having to super glue it in place.


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