Short Fiction Break Just Published My Story!

Being a writer (or at least one seeking publication) pretty much requires you be okay with rejections. I try (as much as I can) to see them as badges of honor and things to be proud of. I take major comfort in the stories of well-respected authors and their mountainous piles of rejection slips. I even consider taking a page out of their books (pun not intended. HA! Just kidding. I meant every word) and saving each rejection in one massive stack.

The result of being so accepting of rejections is when you receive a letter of acceptance, it doesn’t immediately process. First, you almost check off your rejection in your Google doc file tracking pieces awaiting a response. Then you stop, and you stare, in shock and disbelief, at an email that very politely says, “Yes, please.”

A big thank you to Short Fiction Break to giving “Arachnid” a chance to be read!

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