Curious Words Review: Profit From Your Passion


Profit From Your Passion
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Profit From Your Passion (PFYP) is an A-Z blogging course. Your guide through the ins and outs of blogging is Krista Dickson, a blog-woo guru.

I’ll be 100% upfront here. Curious Words is what it is because of Krista’s course. Hands down, her lessons and critiques helped me shift my perspective of what my blog was to what I wanted it to be, and she showed me the steps I need to take to start moving Curious Words in that direction. That’s why I decided to become a PFYP affiliate!


Ease of use

Profit From Your PassionThe program itself is easy-to-use with no distracting fluff. In the material, Krista really breaks down the nuances of blogging, and since participants retain access to her videos and lessons, you can always revisit key points later (something that is super relevant when you get to the cons).


Profit From Your PassionIn addition to the videotaped lessons, Krista provides a number of PDFs to help you organize and restructure the way you think about blogging.

Expert guests and tech vault

Profit From Your PassionThe guest experts and the tech vault were fantastic additions! From photography experts to in-detail how-to videos of tools like MailChimp and Canva, Krista did a great job expanding her curriculum to include support material.

Payment Plan

While I was mentally ready to invest into my blog, my bank told other stories. The payment plan Krista offers made it feasible for me to make the investment into my work without breaking my bank account.


I have to really compliment Krista, here. She is super thorough! She covers everything from focusing your concept to the legalities of blogging and affiliate work, which means you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Profit From Your Passion
Note: There are 12 modules in her course, and this screenshot covers only THREE of them!

The drawback? This means that it wasn’t so much about what I didn’t love about her work as it was about me being slightly overwhelmed by how much detail goes into blogging! I was in information overload for a while! Blogging for profit is not as simple as throwing ads here or there and spouting off a few words, and I definitely learned that after the first week in her course.

Like I mentioned in the pros list, you will have lifetime access to the course information. You’ll keep access to all of that information to revisit as needed.

Also, with the full course ringing in at $497 ($397 for the early-birds), you have to be certain you are dedicated to making money with your blog because PFYP represents a serious investment!

Final Thoughts?

If you are ready to invest in your blog to take it to the next level, Krista’s course is a gold mine of how-to videos and guidance. Ultimately, I am 100% happy that I made the investment that I did (note in the pros above that I made use of her installments option to do so). They are completely worth every penny, and then some.

If you want to learn more about the course, follow this link to get more details. If you’re ready to sign up, follow my affiliate links below!


Krista is hosting two FREE independent webinars during the launch of the PFYP course if you want to just get your feet wet and see what her courses are like. I participated in similar free courses that she hosted prior to making my purchase—her freebies are incredibly useful! Even if you aren’t prepared to make that investment, you should totally check out these two webinars:

Webinar #1 on Friday, June 23rd
Topic: How to Choose a Profitable Niche & Target Audience For Your Blog

Webinar #2 on Friday, June 30th
Topic: How to Make Your First $100 as a New Blogger

The full Profit From Your Passion Course Enrollment Period:

Wednesday, June 21 – Sunday, July 2nd
This breaks down into three periods:


Wednesday, June 21 – Friday, June 23 at 8 am (2 days)
* VIP Program Price = $397 USD

2. EARLY-BIRD ENROLLMENT (open to everyone)

Friday, June 23rd – Sunday, June 25 at midnight (2 days)
* Early-bird Price = $397 USD

3. REGULAR ENROLLMENT (open to everyone)

Monday, June 26 – Sunday, July 2 at midnight (7 days)
*Regular Program Price = $497 USD



16 Replies to “Curious Words Review: Profit From Your Passion”

  1. Blogging can be so overwhelming for a while. Profit from Your Passion looks like an amazing crash course on everything you need to know about blogging in one place. Thank you for the in-depth explanation of it!

  2. Although I am a rather experienced blogger, I feel there is always more to learn, and would definitely be open to taking a course like this. That lifetime access is especially awesome!

  3. Perfect plan for a beginner !! But in my opinion time will made you learn !! But it doesn’t mean you don’t attend this course !! this is opening path for blogger

  4. This looks like a lovely course that can help folks who need all their information in one place and need some basics on getting started. Learning is never wasted. Good for You!

  5. It can be overwhelming just to blog. Having a brand it’s even more serious business. Making those two work together successfully is super tough so a tool like that could come handy.

  6. This sounds like a really detailed course! I’m always happy to read honest reviews of blogging courses so I can have a better idea of what to invest in for my own blog.

  7. Been blogging since about 3 years on a free wordpress theme as hobby and decided to turn my blog into my main income last January. Bought an expensive theme and paid a programmer to install it for me. I am a total beginner and it was incredibly overwhelming to start from scratch with no guidance. If only I had heard about this 6 months ago but I guess it’s never too late and there is always something new to learn.

  8. This sounds like such a wonderful course! I wish I’d have had something like this during the first few years when I was trying to figure everything out. I know what you mean about information overload. It’s crazy how much there is to know and learn. x

  9. I love learning new ways to improve the way I blog since I haven’t been doing it very long. This looks like a great blogging course that could help beginners and experienced blogger learn so new things. Thank you for this.

  10. I’ve actually been debating on signing up for this course for a long time… it’s SO funny that I read your article today because I just got another e-mail about it! There must be something in the air haha! I really appreciate your opinions.

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