Writing a Novel in 10 Weeks: End Week 2

Two weeks in and I sit at 7,031 words. I’m nearly 1,000 words shy of my goal, but considering I spent two days this week in the Wizarding World and two additional days bouncing between planes (not even touching the Christmas madness), I am satisfied with my progress—and am holding off on the self-flogging until next week. I still intend to hit the 12k goal next Thursday!

This week has been a maddening rush of fantastically exhilarating and yet exhausting events. On Tuesday alone, my Fitbit tells me I walked over 22,000 steps, climbed 38 floors, and did 11 miles! Yowza! The swift kick in the ass to my creative brain was totally worth it, even if it did cut into my writing count. Coming down off of the Wizarding World creative high let me knock out almost 3k words in one sitting! Cue the happy dance!

As for my story? My main characters are just about to have a run-in with one of the big bad’s goons. We’ve officially left the non-adventurous world behind and are fully ensnared in the amorphous potential that exists within this otherworldly place- so who knows what will happen! (I certainly don’t. From the first moment I breathed life into them, my damn characters have refused to obey me. Every step of the way they are contradicting my plan. I feel very much like Seven of Nine when I write, shouting COMPLY at them at every turn as I am).


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