Grammarly Premium: A Review

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Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

If you read my previous article on Grammarly’s free services, then you know they had me seriously impressed. So imagine my glee when I investigated the Grammarly premium services and encountered this list:

Grammarly premiumSo all the geeking out I did in the previous article, Grammarly: Free Services Review, was over exactly one of five services included in their premium accounts?

Cue my awkward happy dance.

Once you have the native app downloaded, the premium features show up on the sidebar. You can easily turn off each check, which is incredibly helpful for fiction writing in particular.

Grammarly premium

I played around with one of my short stories set to the genre-specific style check, and it still flagged all of my characters’ bad grammar. As a result, I had a ridiculous amount of errors to ignore before I could view the errors that were legitimately mine. In these situations, picking and choosing what aspects you review can help limit the program’s exuberance.

Grammarly premium


Here’s a bit more on the extra features:

Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

Grammarly premium


This is great. Like, I’ll-never-turn-it-off-ever great. Ever reread a document and realize in horror that you used the same word three times on the same page? No worries. Not only will Grammarly catch it, but they’ll also offer reasonable, grammatically-sensible suggestions to replace it.

Genre-specific writing style checks

Grammarly premium

Side note to fellow bloggers: Grammarly has two blog post styles. One is business, the other is casual. I initially chose the business blog post, and it wanted me to banish all of my contractions. The lesson here? Make sure you have a clear sense of what you want your writing style to be when following Grammarly’s advice. Personally, I prefer a more laid-back approach here at Curious Words. Bring on the contractions!

Plagiarism detector

My educator brain totally geeks out at this tool! I think it is particularly useful for folks writing essays and articles requiring research, but fiction writers could definitely find a use for it, too. It’s a great way to verify the originality of your text.

What I loved

Hands down, I loved that they explain why something is wrong and how to fix it. Grammarly moves leaps and bounds beyond Word’s spelling and grammar check.

By following through with their explanations, you not only are correcting the grammar in the document, but you can also enhance your understanding and thus become a stronger writer. What a win!

What I missed

Honestly, I didn’t actually miss anything. I did notice that there were instances where their suggestion was not entirely accurate for my purposes (wanting to change counties into countries, for example). It also missed an omission typo in an email where I left off the “y” of many (and naturally, I caught that AFTER I hit send… grumble grumble grumble).

Ultimately, however, it is just a (well-developed) computer program, and you will still need to review their suggestions for accuracy. You’ll also want to do at least a cursory proofreading of your work just in case it misses something.

The Bottom Line?

If you didn’t interrupt your reading to get the Free Grammar Checker, you need to. Like now. Don’t worry; I’ll wait.

Okay, got it? Good.

As for the premium services, I recommend them for, well, everyone.

At least, everyone who is willing not only to invest in improving the grammar in their immediate documents but is also willing to invest in improving their grammar skills and vocabulary in the long run.

And anyone who wants their documents in top-notch form.

Or anyone who wants to make sure their grammar stylistically matches their genre.

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Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

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