An (Extended) Writing Break

I do believe I owe all of you an apology. The past two months since I last posted have been nothing short of chaotic, and in the madness, I was too exhausted to post faithfully like I had set out to do.

When it rains, it pours

The short version? Surgery (to treat my endo… again…) and the beginnings of fertility treatments (fingers crossed!), a business trip (for the full-time job), and the sale of our home/purchase of a new house!

Yep. All in 8 weeks’ time.

Looking forward

Now that summer is here and we are settled into the new house (okay, mostly settled in. Just don’t look at the boxes strewn haphazardly here and there), I look forward to spending my mornings catching up on the writer’s resources I have lined up! Also, thanks to a few good writing/blogging friends, Curious Words has some exciting developments coming soon, so keep an eye out for the big announcements.

I do hope these last couple of months have treated you all well, and I do apologize for my absence!

Now… shouldn’t you be writing? I know I should.

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