Depression and Writing: Kintsugi



golden cracks run my length
fissures split me in two
melded and molded I am formed
my breaks coloring my hue

It’s strange, the thoughts that present themselves when you confront loss. Sitting alone, lights off, hunched over the glowing keyboard, I find myself struggling to make peace with those losses that leave unhealing breaks behind.

It makes me think of the Kintsugi practice in Japan wherein a broken piece of pottery is pieced back together, glued with an adhesive that had been blended with an alloy like gold or silver. The idea? Cracks don’t ruin pottery; in fact, the damage can make an otherwise ordinary piece into an extraordinary piece of art.

I suppose we should all try to remember that as we learn how to piece ourselves back together as we endure the cracks life deals us. Just because we’ve been damaged, doesn’t mean we’ve been ruined. Those healed scars make our souls all the more beautiful.

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