7 Tips to Improve Your Writing Time

Improve writing time

Sometimes, the hardest part about writing is simply sitting down to do it. Between work, family, and social obligations, the time and motivation to write is often chipped away at and ultimately put off until “tomorrow.”

Of course, tomorrow comes, and none of yesterday’s demands have lessened (and may have actually increased), and so the cycle continues.

When it comes to being a writer, maintaining consistency in your writing practice is what makes or breaks your success. Continue reading “7 Tips to Improve Your Writing Time”

Completing Your First Novel: A New Author’s Musings

Writing is hard. Like, double hard. I knew I wanted to be a writer—specifically a novelist—almost fifteen years ago. Back then I had this romantic idea that I would sit down at a piece of paper or a computer and just like that, the magic would happen. A few hours a day, and bam! A fantastical world of my creation would come to life before my eyes before I’d know it. Continue reading “Completing Your First Novel: A New Author’s Musings”

Writing a Novel in 10 Weeks: End Weeks 4 and 5

Due to a family emergency last week, I failed to post the update (and keep up with my writing goal).

I’d like to take this time to urge everyone to familiarize themselves with the symptoms of heart attacks. We were unbelievable lucky last week. The symptoms were caught and recognized in such time that the ambulance had already arrived when the heart attack occurred, greatly limiting any damage to the heart. However, we have also been forced to realize that the symptoms had been ongoing for a few weeks- and that it so easily could have been much, much worse. Continue reading “Writing a Novel in 10 Weeks: End Weeks 4 and 5”

Writing a Novel in 10 Weeks: End Week 2

Two weeks in and I sit at 7,031 words. I’m nearly 1,000 words shy of my goal, but considering I spent two days this week in the Wizarding World and two additional days bouncing between planes (not even touching the Christmas madness), I am satisfied with my progress—and am holding off on the self-flogging until next week. I still intend to hit the 12k goal next Thursday! Continue reading “Writing a Novel in 10 Weeks: End Week 2”

Writing a Novel in 10 Weeks: A Noveling Log, End Week 1

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I have decided I intend to knock out 40,000 words (the minimum word count of novels) by the end of February. While I ultimately expect the final product to be approaching 70k, having a draft of 40k will give me the bones necessary to build the rest of the novel on.

In order to accomplish this, I need to write approximately 570 words a day for ten weeks (on top of my blog writing and short story edits in-progress. And, of course, my full-time job). Today marks the end of week one- and I have until the end of the day to write another 1,500 words if I’m going to stay on track. Ack!

So far, the reactions to my declaration that by February 23rd I will have written 40k words have ranged from incredulity (Are you sure you will actually do that?) and declarations that this goal is masochistic (Why would you do this to yourself?!) to a sort of cheerleading clamor urging me on to the finish line (thanks, mom) and a reassuring confidence—which I lack most of the time—that is quietly and unfailingly certain of my success (the hubby’s patience with his kooky wife’s endeavors is truly astonishing).

All told, I am feeling pressured, but good about my progress (behind though I am already). By setting this goal and a maintaining my other writing obligations and projects, I am reminding myself that writing is much more than just dabbling when inspiration strikes. I have to force myself to write no matter where my muses are, and sometimes they simply refuse to present themselves until I have dragged out a jackhammer and other implements of destruction to blast my way through writer’s block.

And sometimes they decide that inspiring me at midnight on a work night is the best damn idea ever.

Thanks, muses. Thanks.

“Arachnid” deleted scene

When I first started writing “Arachnid,” I’d intended for the monster the stalk Melinda for a longer frame of time. Ultimately, I decided it impeded the flow of the story, and as a result, I had to delete the scene below.

Shortly after writing this scene (where Melinda is soaking in the tub), I had the brilliant idea to take a long soak myself. I did a fair job not allowing the monsters in my brain disrupt me—until I fell asleep. As I dozed, a bar of soap slid off the ledge and landed squarely on my stomach.

Needless to say, I was pretty well done with bath time. Continue reading ““Arachnid” deleted scene”