Calling All Creepy Children

My experiences the past eight years in teaching have demonstrated to me just how entertaining kids can be. But it also taught me just how dang CREEPY they are, too. Like the semester I had a student who legitimately argued for cannibalism as a viable solution to nearly every problem-solving essay prompt I offered. I definitely kept both eyes on that kid at all times.

To be fair, I had my own share of creepy moments. For instance, I was prone to falling asleep with my eyes wide open. Imagine: you step inside your child’s room to check on her. It’s dark, save the soft light of the night light. You peek at your child, and she is staring up at you, her eyes wide. Unmoving. Just still, unblinking silence.

Sorry, mom… and to my former roommate who was also blessed with said experience.

With my latest work-in-progress, I am exploring the creepier side of toddlers. Lacking any spawn of my own, I am seeking stories of the bizarre and creepy things you have experienced with your offspring. Uncanny talks with imaginary friends? Unnerving comments? Leave your stories in the comment section below, and then keep an eye out for the follow up blog where I’ll list the stories of the top creepy kids!

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  1. Once I came home to my 3 year old son making a pile of knives on the coffee table in front of his father (my husband) sleeping on the sofa. He thought it would be safe if the knives were closer to his father.

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