Geeky Girl’s Bucket List: 10 things to do before I die


Ever seen The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? Having a bucket list of the things you want to experience or accomplish can really give positive direction for your life. Everyone should have one! For me, it also helps bring clarity to the sort of life I want to live and the people I want to fill my life with. Writing this, I realized how I’d grown distracted from that, and creating this list really helped bring a sense of excitement back about the things I plan for myself.

1. Travel ______ ( This one comes with a lot of variations. Because I wanted to keep this to a top 10 list, I am covering the (fairly extensive) list of places to travel and things to do there under a single, overarching heading of travel in general.

A (very small) sample of what falls under this list?

a. Eat pasta in Italy
b. Drink wine in France
c. See a play in London (see more on this below in number 4)
d. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
e. Visit filming sites for LOTR, Harry Potter, and GoT
f. Attend the masquerade at Versailles

2. Finish writing a novel.

This is a two-part bucket list item (see #3 for part B). Step one is to actually complete a novel. Write it from start to finish No matter how lousy it is, just finishing the writing process on it will be cause for massive amounts of celebration. As any novelist will tell you, writing novels

3. Participate successfully in NaNoWriMo.

Clearly number 2 can be tied in with this, though accomplishing this goal is, in my opinion, a greater feat due to the deadline.

Not familiar with NaNoWriMo? November is National Novel Writing Month- which means not only the grueling task of writing a novel, but attempting to do so in a mere 30 days. That equals out to nearly 1,700 words every single day of November, if you were wondering.

I currently average around 700, and I have a daily goal set of 1k (today I’m hitting over 2k, though- go me!). You see the challenge? I’ve been eyeing the event for years and am getting closer to being able to accomplish the writing goal. My target: Nov 2018 NaNoWriMo, here I come!

4. See Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen perform on stage.

Although I prefer it to be a Globe performance, this one is not strictly confined to a London locale. Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen are two of my absolute favorite actors. As a lover of Shakespeare, they are marvelous; as a lover of fantasy, they are fantastic; as a lover of emotional realism, I am enthralled.

5. Have drinks with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

In my perfect dream world, I vacation in London, see a play at The Globe in which both McKellen and Stewart are performing, and then I encounter them on a pub crawl where we spend the rest of the evening in wild cahoots and riotous conversation.

But I’m not picky. I will settle for the latter on its own! I even invited them to my wedding this year in an effort to make this happen stateside. Sadly, they were unable to attend.

6. Own a house with a legit library.

I currently own approximately 1500 books. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I faithfully attend each of the clearance sale events Half Priced Books holds at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. I own far more books that I do bookshelf space, and I own more bookshelves than I do floor space for them.

My goal? Not to have the smallest bedroom of the house be called a “library.” I want a legitimate library with a fireplace and a bay window and a few bottles of wine ready and waiting. Bonus points if there are secret entries or passages, of course.

To prepare for this eventuality (I must have left out my future wealth that I will be accruing), I will continue to buy all the books at HPB events.

As for my husband? Well, he married the literature nut. You can’t have a wife with a brain if she doesn’t read! (In all honesty- what a damn lucky woman I am!)

7. Read all of the books in that library.

Of the 1500 books I own, there are, at minimum, 500 that I have not read. That number could possibly stretch up to 700. Once I am nicely wealthy and have all the time in the world, I spend all of it in that library reading my books and writing new ones.

8. Win an archery competition.

I love archery, but I’m not very good. I can hit the target, though, which is a start. It’s great for developing your focus; there’s nothing like the physical strain of drawing a bow to practice holding your aim and concentration on a target, feeling the wind and making adjustments- you have to be so in tune with everything! Maybe in a few years I’ll have it down enough to compete.

9. Master two new languages.

I have already started working on French. I haven’t decided on what the next language will be, but whatever it is, it and French come with a second aspect to this goal:

a. Read novels originally written in these languages.

10. Travel to outer space.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been marathoning Stark Trek (we started with The Next Generation, then moved through Deep Space Nine, and are now 2/3rds of the way through Voyager), or maybe it’s this election, but I have a hankering for some exploration not of the Earthly-variety.

I’ve been keeping my eye on commercial flights (still too expensive, or so my bank account tells me) as well as unique employment opportunities (If we colonize Mars, the future children living there will need a good English teacher!), and I do hope to embark on a round-trip adventure into the next frontier!

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