Being the good writer- a brief word

As I sat down to write this week (and knocked out a spooky short story draft in one week- my fastest work yet!), it occurred in my teacher brain that if I had a few self-motivating accountability measures in place, it might help me maintain focus and achieve my long-term writing goals. A similar practice has been incredibly beneficial in my classroom, where I require students to log their progress in their independent work each week so they can see whether or not they are remaining on track to course completion (and thus graduation!).


Can we all just take a moment and give a big shout-out to Google and their ever-expanding digital tools that simply life beautifully?

To Google Spreadsheets I went (and to my husband, whose spreadsheeting skills are far superior to mine). With a little tweaking needed as I figure out how to weigh researching and revising time fairly, I now have my accountability graph!

That shared, although this is counting toward my word count on the above graph, I must turn my attention to the next short story that’s been cooking in this brain of mine all day. I hope the accountability graph suggestion is helpful- and if you have suggestions on how to track productivity in revisions and research, I am all ears!

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