3 Free Apps You Didn’t Know Your Writing Needed

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There are so many writing resources out there, it’s overwhelming. It’s hard enough to wade through your options when they are marketed specifically for writers. But tracking down apps that aren’t necessarily intended for fiction writers that nevertheless are highly useful? Where do you even begin?

Over the past year, I’ve come across my fair share of cool apps for the Curious Words tech vault. Here are my three favorites so far:

The Offline Survival Manual

  writing resource

This app is great for so many reasons. It’s clean-cut and easy to use, it’s offline (which is great since I turn off my wifi on days when I am super distractible), and it has a ton of information related to surviving a wide variety of circumstances.

Not only does it give descriptions and diagrams of things like building shelters and fires, it even discusses ways to safely navigate terrain with potentially hostile populations. If you are writing anything that places your characters in survival situations, you really should check this one out.


writing resource

No joke, I use Evernote at least three or four times a week. It is available on phones, tablets, and computers, and its Chrome extension makes it super easy to save websites into project folders. You can annotate saved web pages, type, write, and audio record notes, and sharing projects with collaborators is a breeze.

Because I use this app so much, I do pay for the premium version. However, their free version is quite versatile–and I bet once you start using, you’ll want the extra features, too!

SimpleMind Free

writing resource

If you’re looking for something to help organize your thoughts, SimpleMind Free is a great mind mapping app. I haven’t tried out their pro version, but just the free app alone has been super helpful.

What are your favorite apps to use in your writing practice? Comment below!

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