About Curious Words

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I’m Heather, your fiction-writing, resource-analyzing guide here on Curious Words. I decided to create this blog to help sort the incredible amount of writer’s resources I encountered.

As an aspiring writer, full-time teacher, wife, and dog-mom, I know just how busy life can be–and we haven’t even added children of the non-furry variety to the mix yet! Through Curious Words, I aim to help fellow fiction writers slog through the swelling number of resources to find the tools that best suite each writer’s craft and needs.

Using the skills I’ve developed throughout my graduate work in English and then honed as an English teacher and adjunct college writing professor, I am applying new resources to my own fiction writing practices and evaluating their efficacy– and then sharing those experiences with you to help you decide what tools you want to spend your valuable time and money on.

I also give you my word– while I take suggestions for new reviews, I am not affiliated with any of the products. You will access evaluations of tools that are 100% unbiased reviews.

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