A Scrivener Review

Scrivener review
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When a few writing colleagues recommended Curious Words check out Scrivener, they forewarned me that there is a steep learning curve. They also said I should muscle through it because the software is totally worth it.

Folks, they were right on both counts.

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I still have a TON to learn about Scrivener, and I haven’t gotten close to trying out all of its features (which means you should stay tuned for an updated post once I’ve played with it for a while), but here are the features I’ve learned about so far:


When you open a project for the first time, it brings you to a formatting template that details how to use key features of Scrivener.

Scrivener Templates

I especially love being able to make my own template sheets. It lets me do things like create plot formats and structures unique to my stories that I want to keep consistent across a variety of stories.


Scrivener Templates


Character Planning:

The character sketch template is simple and clean-cut.

Scrivener Character Details

And, it offers you two ways to view/organize your character sheets!

Scrivener Character Sketch

Manuscript Compiling and formatting

The opening page when you first create a project brings you to this formatting page:

It breaks down how to use Scriveners (MANY) features and is a sample of the genre formatting you chose (in this case, I chose short story).

I look forward to playing more with the Compile feature. Because Scrivener lets you break apart scenes into separate pages, the Compile tool pulls your scenes together into one formatted document.



Scrivener Compile

What I loved:

A REAL 30-day trial. This isn’t a trial that ends 30 days after you begin. Scrivener offers a legitimate 30 days of testing out the software. Use it every other day? Then you’ll have a trial that lasts 60 days from when you started it!

The mobility of the features is nice. If you’re a visual worker, you’ll love being able to move the bits and pieces of your story around. It’s as easy as click, drag, drop!

What I missed:

This isn’t so much about what Scrivener is missing, but rather what tools I know I’m overlooking. After playing with it for three weeks, I still feel like I’m only scratching the surface in a big way. Be prepared to really commit to learning the program if you want to access the full range of its productivity boosts!

If you want to know more details about the ins and outs of Scrivener, check out this review at Kindlepreneur!

Final word? Although I still have a LOT to learn about it, I have loved working in Scrivener! Want to try it out? Follow my affiliate link below to check them out! Click here to read about the Curious Words affiliate disclosures!

Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

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