5 Tips on How to Write in Blogging Style

Blogging writing style

When I first started blogging, I was fresh out of grad school. I’d never blogged before, so when I began writing for Curious Words, I tackled it like I had for all of my research.

Thorough introductory paragraphs.

Detailed analyses delving into my core arguments and reviews.

Well-defended points, complete with cited quotes.


I’m now six months into actively blogging. And you know what I’ve determined?

My academic writing style was holding me back. Like, way back.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Academic writing is super important. Adhering to academic styles brings clarity to complex concepts and relationships.

But—and this is a big but—clarity does not equate to accessibility, and when it comes to blogging, accessibility is huge.

That said, blogging is not a free-for-all. Think of the blogs you’ve most enjoyed reading, and they probably share some similar formatting concepts. The blogging style is all about delivering content in an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-read way, and there are some key things you need to be mindful of.

1. The Introduction

Spend about 100-150 words giving your readers a glimpse of why you’re writing about your topic and where you’re taking it. It lets them get to know you and why you’re writing about your chosen topic.

2. Headlines, subheads, and lists

Our eyes like lists! Use headings, subheadings, and listing formats to make it easy for your readers to approach your page.

3. Readability

“Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words?” Ernest Hemingway.

Use short paragraphs, short sentences, and simple wording. Our readers are busy, people! Don’t feel like you have to get fancy. Keep your writing simple and to the point, they’ll appreciate it!

4. Keywords

This one touches into SEO. You’ll want to pick a few keywords related to your topic that you use intermittently, especially in your sub-headings and alt-text of photos.

5. The Conclusion

Don’t leave your reader hanging! Wrap up your blog with a brief summary and, if relevant, a call to action.

Thanks for joining me! I hope these blogging and writing style points were helpful! Feel free to use my contact me page to send me questions and suggestions for future posts, and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter!

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