15 Gift Ideas for the Harry Potter-Obsessed

Happy Christmas!

Providing ourselves with regular doses of the magical world is a must for us Potterheads. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Wizarding World fanatic (which may or may not be someone other than yourself), investigate the possibilities below. The list is broken down into 15 types, but there are multiple gift possibilities per type; that means you actually are getting 29 gifts ideas! Score!

1. Other Wizarding World works

Oh, how I wish I could fall into the Wizarding World and never, ever return. Sadly, Voldemort destroyed all records of my magical blood when he took over the Ministry and wiped out the muggleborn mailing list.

To make up for it, I satisfy myself with tales contained in magical writings, such as:

a. Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies
b. Tales of Beedle the Bard
c. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
d. Quidditch Through the Ages
e. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


2. These shot glasses for $24.99

Forget party like a rockstar! With shot glasses like these, we can party like we’re Tri-Wizard Champions at the Yule Ball!

3. Keychains

Time to travel? Remind your would-be witch or wizard that just because they travel via muggle means, they really do belong in a magical world.

a. Try this Hallows and Marauders combo at $12.37
b. Or represent some House pride with $8.99

4. Pillows

Snuggling down to read HP again? Or is it time to marathon the movies once more? Give them an appropriately-themed pillow to curl up on!

a. Like this one, for $16.95
b. Or this one at $19.21

5. Getting their own Acceptance letter will make any Potter fan ecstatic. Personally, I don’t have anything against framing one and hanging it on the wall alongside my diplomas.

6. For your techno-wizard, check out

a. This laptop case for $39.99
b. Or try laptop art at $3.95

7. Have room on the walls for new artwork? Check out:

a. This $34 canvas print
b. Or print your own from this $3 digital file
c. Paintings not your thing? Try this $50 wire quote
d. Or these $40 herbology and wand charts

8. This messenger bag for $24.99 is sure to make them smile!

9. Do they need a place to set down their butterbeer? Try these coasters for $13.99

10. Scented candles the way to go? Check out

a. This butterbeer scented candle for $4.50
b. Sadly, this one isn’t currently available, but it’s too cool to not include here! Maybe again, some day? The restricted section!

11. Wooden spoons for $8.99

12. This gorgeous jewelry box for $35.00

13. Or a travel cup at $10

       14. Unofficial, Harry Potter-themed craft / cook books

I can speak from personal experience; these two books are full of fantastic creations and how-to instructions! A definite must for all HP fanatics!

a. Craft for $12.18
b. Cookbook for $11.46

15. Scarves

a. Show some house pride with these scarves!
b. Or for $34.99, some good old Hogwarts Pride:

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