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As an aspiring writer and avid reader, I frequently found myself perusing a—frankly overwhelming—number of writer’s resources in an effort to step up my fiction writing game.

I was spending a TON of time reading about writing, but not actually getting any work done as I found myself floundering amidst piles of half-finished books detailing strategy after strategy on how to write X genre or style. It occurred to me that what I really needed was an analysis of these materials to point me in the right direction for what I needed.

And just like that, the concept behind Curious Words was born.

What you’ll find here:

Writing Resources

I’ve started posting reviews of writing tools—such as how-to books, apps, and software—that I test try in my own writing practices and share my experiences with the featured tool so you can decide before which resources would best suit your own writing practice.

Writer’s Anecdotes.

Writing is often a solitary act that leaves us holed away. I regularly read about my favorite authors in an effort to remind myself that being an author is damn hard. The stories they share about their early days of writing have always been such an inspiration to me, so I share my own tales here.

Eventually, it is my goal for Curious Words to open up the Anecdotes to all aspiring writers as a place where we can go and seek the comfort of our peers—you know, without actually leaving our comfy little writing hole.

Writing Break!

Of course, I am not always holed up in my office writing. When writer’s block strikes, I craft, I cook, and sometimes, I even leave my house. On this page, you can peruse my shenanigans.